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Materials for aviation industry

The company's products are in line with the first category of encouragement, the eighteenth category of aerospace, and the fifth category of development and production of new materials for aerospace in the Guiding Catalogue for Industrial Restructuring (revised in 2011) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission. The main business of the company is in line with the national 2016 Directory of High tech Fields Supported by the State IV, New Materials (III) Polymer Materials 6. New processing and application technologies of polymer materials: high-performance modification and processing technologies of polymer materials; Blending, modification and formula technology using new processing equipment and processing technology; In line with the national 2016 Catalogue of National Key Support High tech Fields IV, New Materials (III) Polymer Materials 1 Preparation and application technology of new functional polymer materials: high-performance preparation technology of conductive, antistatic, thermal conductive, flame retardant, barrier and other functional polymer materials; Preparation technology of polymer materials with special functions and high added value and application technology of above materials; 9. New materials: with special metal functional materials, high-performance structural materials, functional polymer materials, special inorganic non-metallic materials and advanced composite materials as the development focus, accelerate the research and development of key technologies and equipment for the preparation of new materials such as advanced smelting, solidification molding, vapor deposition, profile processing and efficient synthesis, and strengthen basic research and system construction, Break through the bottleneck of industrialized preparation. Actively develop military civilian shared special new materials, accelerate the two-way transfer and transformation of technology, and promote the military civilian integration of new material industry.

Furan (furfurone) resin is an ideal carbon precursor for carbon/carbon composites, glass carbon materials and other new materials. It is an excellent lightweight high-temperature structural material. The product carbon/carbon composites can withstand high temperature temperatures of more than 2100-3800 ℃, have a density of more than 2.0g/cm, and have a strength five times that of high-temperature alloys. It has become an irreplaceable thermal structural material in the aerospace field. It is a rocket engine nozzle and throat lining, Missile nose cone is an indispensable excellent material for aviation brake disc components. The furan resin produced by our company is one of the matrix precursors used in the production of C/C composite throat liner/head cap in the 43rd Institute of China Aerospace Group. After resin impregnation, curing and carbonization, resin carbon is generated in the prefabricated body. The models of furan resin involved in the 43rd Institute include 28 series, 33 series, "921" series, "Big Thrust" series, "Fengyun", M20, target projectile, XX-69, 9C, 41D 3 # and 4 # roll control, inserts, etc.

In 2017, the company successfully passed the GJB9001C-2017 weapons and equipment quality management system certification and became the designated supplier of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The ultra-high temperature resistant furfural ketone resin for low ablative carbon/carbon materials of aerospace rocket engine nozzle has been listed in the List of 2022 Key Industrial Core Technologies "Unveiled" Projects in Shandong Province. As a key basic material for ultra-high temperature resistance of missile and aerospace rocket engine throat, it has made contributions to the development and matching of missiles, Shenzhou 9, Tiangong 1 and Long March 2F rockets.