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Coatings and film plastics

YC series self hardening furan resin of the company is an environment-friendly casting adhesive. It is a synthetic resin made of furfuryl alcohol as the main component (molecular structure is furan ring), with furfuryl alcohol content of 50%~95%, modified by formaldehyde, phenol, urea, etc., through addition reaction and polycondensation.

It is mainly used to make sand mold (core). Different types of furan resin can be used to cast various metals, such as cast steel, cast iron, cast nonferrous metals, etc. Its appearance is light yellow to dark brown transparent liquid. At present, our company's furan resin is widely used in the production process of wind power castings, with huge demand. The self hardening furan resin produced by our company has the advantages of environmental protection, high casting precision, simple use, and resin sand can be recycled.