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Shandong Yongchuang Material Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is located in Yuedong New Material Industrial Park, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, 1 km away from the west exit of Zhucheng of Qingdao Lanzhou Expressway, 130 km away from Qingdao Port, with convenient transportation and superior geographical location. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a "specialized and new" enterprise in Shandong Province, a "gazelle" enterprise in Shandong Province, an invisible champion enterprise in Weifang City, and a qualified enterprise for Weifang citizens to join the military.

The company has been committed to the innovation and development of casting industrial materials, aviation industrial materials and new high-performance resin materials. Its main products are furan resin, curing agent and casting auxiliary materials. The main products are widely used in large wind power, precision machine tools, body molds, large valves, aerospace rocket engine throat liner C/C composites and other fields, and have been exported to more than a dozen countries and regions. In 2021, the global market share of the main product furan resin will be 11%, ranking the top three in the world...

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In a good business environment, Yongchuang Company has continuously increased its R&D investment and talent introduction, and has successively carried out industry university research cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Fourth Academy of Aerospace Engineering, and other universities and scientific and mining institutes. Now, a scientific research team has been formed with high-level talents such as "National Key Talent Project Experts" and "Changjiang Scholars" as the core. From the development of new products, new technologies and new processes to the innovation of production supporting equipment, innovation driven development has been achieved, and scientific research strength has been continuously enhanced. Strong R&D strength, advanced production technology, perfect product testing and high quality standards have created the industry leading Yongchuang brand, and the product quality has reached the international advanced level.

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We are committed to environmentally friendly science
and technology that benefits the community.

We are dedicated to independent innovation and the
creation of a low-carbon economy.