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Leaders of the Weifang Development and Reform Commission visited Shandong Yongchuang Materials Technology Co., Ltd. for the application review of the National Economic Mobilization Center


party went to Shandong Yongchuang Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate and review the application of the National Economic Mobilization Center.


The National Economic Mobilization Center is to respond to wars and emergencies, and to resolve the contradiction between the supply and demand of weapons, equipment, technology, materials and labor resources in extraordinary times. Relying on the production and technical support center established by the company with the ability to transform from peace to war, it exerts transformation and mobilization. The potential is the role of national defense strength, accumulation and mobilization of production capacity, realization of rapid conversion and expansion of enterprises, enhancement of the technological content of mobilization products, and diffusion of mobilization technologies and production processes.


Director Liu Ziquan first organized an exchange forum. At the meeting, Mr. Sun Zhiyong, Chairman of Shandong Yongchuang Material Technology Co., Ltd., introduced in detail the extensive application of the company’s main products in aerospace. As the designated supplier of materials for the aerospace industry of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China’s aerospace industry The cause has contributed.


Later, Director Liu Ziquan and his entourage visited our company's modern scientific research laboratory. Advanced R&D equipment and R&D technology, and excellent R&D team are the firm guarantee for the quality, advancement and wide application of the company's products in various fields.

Through this visit and exchange, Director Liu Ziquan and Section Chief Shang Yongqing fully affirmed our company's products, future development prospects and contributions to the development of the aerospace industry!

Shandong Yongchuang Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, located in the middle section of Shunhe Road, Shunwang Street, Zhucheng City. It is a privately-owned new chemical material company; the company's leading product is furan resin, and the company's leading product has a domestic market share of 20% in 2018 , Ranking third in the country.

The company has successively won the honorary titles of "Zhucheng Engineering Laboratory", "Zhucheng Furan Resin Development Engineering Technology Research Center", "One Enterprise One Technology in Weifang City", and "Enterprise Technology Center in Weifang City". The company was rated as a "high-tech enterprise" in 2018.

The company’s leading product is a high-performance anti-dehydration modified furan resin, which is widely used in civil foundry industrial materials and aviation industrial materials. In November 2017, the company passed the "Weapon Equipment Quality Management System Certification" of Beijing Tianyizheng Certification Center and obtained the certificate. At the same time, it passed the strict product quality inspection of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and successfully became the Aerospace Industry Material of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Designated supplier.

The company has the conditions to build a national economic mobilization center. The construction of an economic mobilization center has become an urgent need for the company's long-term strategic development and is imperative. Under the premise of not increasing the burden on the country, we will continue to promote the rapid development of enterprises. And through the production and sales of general-purpose products for military and civilian use, the civilian market will be expanded, and the “army by the people” will be realized.