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Me and my motherland | Shandong Yongchuang presents the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China


Seventy years ago, on October 1, the great leader Chairman Mao Zedong stood on the Tiananmen Gate and solemnly announced the establishment of our new China. At that moment, we were extremely proud, proud, and excited. At that moment, our motherland took off like a giant dragon, coiled in the east of the world. Riding the wind and waves, China is walking towards the world.

Today, seventy years later, we ushered in the 70th birthday of the motherland. Shandong Yongchuang Material Technology Co., Ltd. launched a flag-raising ceremony to welcome the National Day and jointly bless the prosperity of the motherland.

At 8:10, with the music of the flag out, the flag bearers and flag bearers walked into the front of the office building, waiting in line. In the solemn sound of the flag award, the company chairman Sun Zhiyong solemnly handed the bright five-star red flag to the flag-raiser. The loud and majestic "March of the Volunteers" resounded through the sky, and the five-star red flag rose slowly, flying high above the square.

In recent years, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, employees of Shandong Yongchuang Materials Technology Co., Ltd. have further studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implemented the strategy of "military-civilian integration", with firmer conviction and fullness The enthusiasm of the company, a more pragmatic style, love and dedication, commitment to work, sprint to the goal of the year, and make new and greater contributions to promote high-quality development of the company and build a century-old company.

This flag-raising ceremony is not only an important form of patriotism and collectivism education for all cadres and employees, and an important form of strengthening corporate cohesion and centripetal force, but also an important content of the company's in-depth promotion of corporate culture construction. It will further stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of all cadres and employees. The sense of responsibility and mission has a positive effect on the healthy development of the company.